Grosjean insists it won't be "ideal" to give up practice seat for Kubica in 2020

25-10-2019 12:53
by Matt Gretton
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Grosjean insists it won't be ideal to give up practice seat for Kubica in 2020

Robert Kubica is currently without a drive for the 2020 F1 season, but Haas have expressed their interest in signing the Polish driver as a third driver. Romain Grosjean insists this wouldn't be an ideal thing to do as missing out on the odd Friday practice session won't help performance. It seems like Grosjean is against the idea of having a development driver in the ranks. 

During the 2019 F1 season, Haas have struggled to find any progress with their upgrades and development. Half-way through the season, Grosjean insisted the team must revert back to the old Australian chassis because the upgrades applied had downgraded the performance. 

Putting Kubica in the development driver role could help smooth the upgrade pathway from the factory to track. But Grosjean doesn't seem keen on the idea.

“Giving [up] Friday morning is never ideal. It depends where you want to fight and what are your ambitions. We’ve never seen Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull giving [up] Fridays because I think they want to fight for the win. Every session is important. If it’s got to be, well be it. But I think in terms of performance, it’s never ideal," Grosjean told

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