Steiner believes he understands Haas tyre problems: "Comes through blue flags"

23-10-2019 10:57
by Matt Gretton
Steiner believes he understands Haas tyre problems: Comes through blue flags

Haas have been trying to solve their tyre issue for the duration of the 2019 F1 season. Guenther Steiner believes he's finally found the culprit and points the finger at blue flags. During qualifying, Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen often do well but when it comes to race day Haas rarely pick up points. Steiner has had quite a bit of time to understand the problem and now seems to be able to pinpoint the origin. 

“You go in the race always knowing that at some stage we will have an issue with the tyre because we can’t generate the heat we need to make the tyre work. So as soon as blue flags come you slow down, the tyre gets cold, you cannot get the heat back in and you fall back," Steiner told RaceFans. 

“It sounds almost too simple not to have a solution for it but that’s what is happening. So even if you can qualify on one lap normally decently – going into Q3 is still an achievement in my opinion – you cannot hold on in the race because of this reason, we just cannot keep the heat in the tyres.”

A solution to the problem will probably not be brought this season. Steiner speaks of the possibility that 'there may be a race in which things are going well', but he dare not say that with certainty.

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