Rumour: Several Formula 1 teams ask FIA to check Ferrari's engine legality

21-10-2019 12:45
by Bobby Vincent
Rumour: Several Formula 1 teams ask FIA to check Ferrari's engine legality

With Ferrari having undoubtedly the strongest package this season, numerous Formula 1 teams have questioned the legality of the power unit and have asked the FIA to check whether it's fair, or if the Maranello-based team have cheated to get this engine.

According to German publication Auto Bild, "several" Formula 1 teams have asked the FIA to check the legality of the engine used by Ferrari this season: "Several teams have called on the FIA to verify that the power unit is legal."

They also say an "unnamed Ferrari rival" said: "The absurd advantage is impossible to accomplish legally because the technology is already very well developed. Ferrari cheats and the FIA knows it. But it doesn't matter, because it would be a huge scandal."

Ferrari have the much more powerful car compared to their rivals Mercedes and Red Bull, on the straights largely, but despite this, the Maranello-based squad have just three victories to their name this season.

Charles Leclerc won back-to-back races in Belgium and Italy, with Sebastian Vettel winning the Singapore Grand Prix, but this has still been a season largely dominated by Mercedes - who were crowned Constructors' champions for a sixth successive time with their win in Japan last time out.

It will be very interesting to see what the FIA respond to this like, if they do at all, but is Ferrari's power unit too good to be true this season?!

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