Villeneuve on Kvyat: "They will never promote him"

19-10-2019 14:34
by Adam Newton
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Villeneuve on Kvyat: They will never promote him

The outspoken Jacques Villeneuve has said that Daniil Kvyat should be thankful that he is in F1 at all rather than looking towards an Aston Martin Red Bull Racing seat, claiming that the team will "never" promote him back to the senior squad. Kvyat scored two podiums in his short lived Red Bull Racing career, outperforming Daniel Ricciardo in his one full season at the team before being dropped early in 2016 for Max Verstappen to take his seat.

Kvyat took a third F1 podium this year when he came home third in a chaotic German Grand Prix, fuelling rumours he could replace the underperforming Pierre Gasly, but rookie teammate Alex Albon was given the nod over the Russian, who spent a year out of the sport in 2018.

Despite his positive form in 2019, and the fact he is still just 25 years old, 1997 world champion Villeneuve believes that he will never return to Red Bull Racing.

He told Russian publication Championat: “They will never promote him. You don't have to dream about that, since it is not in the plans of Red Bull. He was kicked out of the team and taken back, he should be happy with that.

“Albon was chosen because he is fast and because he comes from Thailand, just like Red Bull itself. The only chance that Kvyat has is if something happens to one of the most important drivers. Kvyat should be happy: He gets paid for driving in Formula 1, while it could have been that he would have to watch from the couch."

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