Teams question the legality of the Ferrari engine

17-10-2019 12:22
by Louis Shaw
Teams question the legality of the Ferrari engine

Ferrari have developed a blisteringly fast engine and have looked like they have the fastest package since the summer break. They have had an impressive qualifying run and in a straight line, they are unbeatable. Some teams have started to question the legality of their engine and wonder if Ferrari have broken any rules. has been informed that several teams have asked the FIA ​​questions about Ferrari's engine and whether it is legal. They believe that the boost in performance could come from their intercooler. 

By creating a small leak, a small amount of oil could get into the combustion engine which would give a temporary power boost. This could be the reason for Ferrari's increase in speed but some teams have also questioned Ferrari's ERS system. 

Charlie Whiting always used to be the person to go to if you had a question about the legality of another team's car but since his death, this has become harder. There is still not a system in place for these questions to be processed which is probably why we are seeing more of them in the press. 

It will be interesting to see if Ferrari are investigated or if they manage to brush these rumors away. 


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