"Unbelievable that Leclerc received ten seconds of penalty for that damage"

14-10-2019 08:48
by Matt Gretton
Unbelievable that Leclerc received ten seconds of penalty for that damage

Ferrari still had everything to play for on Sunday morning. With Sebastian Vettel in P1 and Charles Leclerc in P2 it seemed to be a dominant performance of the Italian racing team. Nothing turned out to be less true, because Vettel was the only one on the podium and not even on the highest step.

The Ferrari race was actually over in the first corner. Leclerc threw away his chances in the duel with Verstappen and Vettel also gave away his ideal starting position because he started before the lights went out. The German fell back to P2 and never got near Valtteri Bottas again.

"Ferrari will leave here again with the feeling that they should have won this race. I also rated Ferrari much higher, because Leclerc was so good at those esses and Vettel rode a great qualification. You cannot expect anything from Leclerc at the start, because he was on the dirty side. That Vettel then makes a mistake costs Ferrari a big chance of winning," says Peter Windsor in his video.

Where Vettel was able to continue, Leclerc suffered damage after his collision with Verstappen, but the team did not bring him in. "It is a bad example to only give ten seconds of punishment for this. He should never have finished that first stint and the stewards should not have told Ferrari that Ferrari must decide for itself. This is about safety," Windsor concludes.

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