Honda set to invest €140 million on their Power Unit for 2020

10-10-2019 10:21
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Honda set to invest  €140 million on their Power Unit for 2020

Honda have had an impressive season so far but they are nowhere near achieving their goals of winning the World Championship. To ensure that they are more competitive next season, the Japanese company is reported to be investing €140 million on their 2020 Power Unit and will hope that this gives them the edge over Mercedes and Ferrari. 

La Gazzetta dello Sport have reported in their magazine that Honda will be spending €140 million on developing their engine which is a bigger budget than any of the other teams. The Japanese team will be using this money to hunt down Mercedes and Ferrari and improve their reliability so that they can be genuine title contenders. 

The big-budget has also been matched with an increase in manpower. They now have around 450 people working on their Formula 1 project compared to the 250 in 2017. 

Honda are taking this very seriously and are worth keeping an eye on for next season. 

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