Magnussen confident Haas can continue points-scoring run in Japan

09-10-2019 17:45
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Magnussen confident Haas can continue points-scoring run in Japan

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen thinks his team can continue their points-scoring in Japan this weekend, as the Dane scored the American team's first points since the German Grand Prix back in July.

Despite getting a penalty for passing the bollard at turn 2 in Sochi at the wrong point, Magnussen came away from the weekend with two points as he finished ninth. The 27-year-old had an incredible race, driving his way into the points after starting in thirteenth.

Normally, Haas' pace would fall off a cliff after good qualifying rounds, but the young team have now finally been able to get competitive race pace again, something which Magnussen believes is down to the team's hard work.

“The work that the whole team has done since the beginning of the season has been really good," the former McLaren driver said.

"We started off the season in a pretty good way, but we lost our way a little bit and I think we’ve had a tough streak of races. Now, it seems we’re slowly getting back on our feet. That’s great to see and a testament to the great work the team has done.” 

Heading into the race weekend at Suzuka in Japan, the Haas driver thinks another points finish could be on the cards, with the high-speed corners suiting the black-and-gold car well.

“Suzuka is great because it’s just such a high-speed, flowing track. Formula One cars are great at high speed with the downforce we have.

"We might have a good shot at some more points there. Our car’s usually good at high-speed circuits. Let’s see how it goes.”

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