George Russell: WIlliams' problems were "under the radar"

09-10-2019 08:47
by Louis Shaw
George Russell: WIlliams' problems were under the radar

Williams have had a dismal few seasons. They had started the V6 hybrid era so strongly, finishing third in 2014 and 2015 but then found themselves dropping down the rankings season by season. They were last in 2018 and things are equally as bad this year. 

However, George Russell believes that spending so much time at the back has given the team the ability to reset and they have developed a real hunger to succeed in the future. 

“I think having this big reset has been beneficial for things back at the factory to get things right that perhaps weren’t correct,” Russell said to RaceFans.

“The team definitely had a very fast car back in ’14, ’15, ’16. But there were definitely some issues then that were probably under the radar because the car was so quick and the engine was very strong.

“So it sort of all comes at once and you start looking at the details more now when you have a situation like this.”

Williams have started to improve since the summer break and they will hope that these improvements continue into next season. 

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