Mika Hakkinen: "There is tension in Ferrari between the drivers"

06-10-2019 19:27
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Mika Hakkinen: There is tension in Ferrari between the drivers

Mika Hakkinen believes that there is a growing "tension" between the two Ferrari drivers and that their relationship really started to deteriorate when the team introduced orders. 

"After starting from pole position, it all went wrong when he agreed to give Sebastian a tow down the long straight to the first proper corner, Turn 2," Hakkinen said in his Unibet column.

"In agreeing to give Sebastian the lead it opened up the opportunity for him to control the race, which he did perfectly.

"There is tension in Ferrari between the drivers, and Charles is learning some tough lessons. Including the fact that Sebastian did not win four world championships by being a pushover," the Finn added.

"Compared to Mercedes, Ferrari does not yet have the perfect teamwork between the drivers, and they need to do that if they are going to win consistently."

Ferrari will hope things improve for the final stint of the season. 

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