Pirelli performs 'secret' tests with next years tyres

18-09-2019 17:19
by Tom Mason
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Pirelli performs 'secret' tests with next years tyres

Pirelli has undertaken some tests in private to help the development of tyres for the 2020 season. The idea of this test is to help reduce the levels of overheating on tyres and have gone through a full procedure in their factory in Milan.

"What we will do for next season is to redesign the construction to modify the 'footprint', and this is mainly to reduce overheating," Mario Isola told Autosport.

 "To design new compounds with new ingredients, we are exploring new directions to have a wider range of work.

 There are seven races left in the 2019 season starting with the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend which is a night race.

 "We have done some 'indoor' tests to identify and measure the working range correctly because the working range is affected by many different elements. 

 If you measure the working range of the same compound on the track, in two different cars or even on two different tracks, it will be different."

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