Lewis Hamilton: Catching front runners is “most rewarding” than leading

16-09-2019 14:46
by Bevan Youl
Lewis Hamilton: Catching front runners is “most rewarding” than leading

Lewis Hamilton has said that the races that are “most rewarding” to him are those when chasing and catching the leaders rather than winning by leading for the majority of a race.

The start of the season saw Hamilton and Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas relatively ease to victory without much of a challenge but the past few races has seen Red Bull and Ferrari challenge the Silver arrows
These battles on track have brought a great viewing to the sport and Hamilton sees why fans have enjoyed it but doesn’t want the team’s championship chances to be compromised.
Hamilton said (quoted by InsideRacing): “I honestly just think about it in the sense of entertainment,” he said of the greater competition.

“I think it is more exciting for people watching when there is a mixture of teams ahead rather than a team having a one-two.

“Also, of course, the guy in second [in the championship] is my teammate [Valtteri Bottas], so I don’t know, it hasn’t come into my thought process that other teams are taking points away from him, but that is a part of when you are in a battle for a championship.

“So on one side I welcome it because it’s fun, but on the other side it’s we need the team to win the Constructors’ Championship so I have to hope my teammate is at least second.”

The Brit successfully chasing down Max Verstappen in Hungary and being close to catching Charles Leclerc in both Spa and Monza but feels those victories give him the most satisfaction.

“I love chasing, those are the races that are always the most rewarding when you come from whatever position it is to catch the guys in front," he added.

“It’s been great to have the differences we have had in qualifying – to the Red Bulls and Ferraris and have some sort of difference in the race. I personally enjoy that more.

“It makes you feel like you are more a part of that result than if you just have the lead and walk away with it.”

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