Cyril Abiteboul believes it's "doable" for Renault to beat McLaren in 2019

16-09-2019 11:00
by Bobby Vincent
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Cyril Abiteboul believes it's doable for Renault to beat McLaren in 2019

Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul believes it's "doable" for the French team to become "Best of the Rest" this season and overtake the current occupiers of the spot, McLaren.

Abiteboul's team enjoyed a brilliant weekend at Monza last time out, with Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg finishing in P4 and P5, respectively, to secure Renault's best result so far this campaign.

"It's been bumpy this year," Abiteboul said to Formula 1's official website. "There have been a number of occasions where we could have had a decent result with some points and helping for the championship, and that has not happened for many different reasons and sometimes for our own cause, sometimes external factors. (In Italy) nothing has gone against us, against the result. (It was) a deserved result."

Abiteboul then spoke about the rivalry the French-works team have going on with McLaren; with the British side 18 points ahead of Renault. McLaren have found a way to perform better this season and the English team have improved massively.

"Firstly, you don't renegotiate the targets simply because they are looking harder, so (Saturday in Monza) the target was still P4 and today the target remains P4," Abiteboul said. 

"I think we are 18 points away from (McLaren), seven races to go, three points average more than them, it's completely doable. I think there will be a number of tracks where they will be quicker than us, that's a fact, and there will be a number tracks where we will be quicker than them, so we just need to be capable of doing what we have not done so far, and when we are quicker, scoring more points - except for (in Italy) where we've done it and that's good."

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