Carlos Sainz hopeful “we cannot depend” on DRS in the future for overtaking

14-09-2019 13:02
by Bevan Youl
Carlos Sainz hopeful “we cannot depend” on DRS in the future for overtaking

McLaren driver Carlos Sainz has said that he is hopeful “we cannot depend on” DRS for overtaking in Formula 1 in the future but states that currently without out it there would be “close to zero overtakes”.

Formula 1 and Liberty Media are currently overhauling the regulations for the sport for 2021 with the main idea to for improved racing after in recent years the sport has seen a lack of overtaking and three out of 10 teams in contention at the front.
Changes have been made over the years with bigger cars being introduce on 2017 and adjustments to aerodynamics for 2019 in an attempt to allow cars to follow each other closer.
But the changes made have not been enough with drivers relying on DRS for overtakes.
Cainz told “I can tell you that Formula 1 races without DRS nowadays would have close to zero overtakes.

“I think DRS at the moment is needed. We cannot live without DRS. Hopefully in the future, we cannot depend on it.”

The Spaniard also feels positive that the introduction of big changes to aerodynamics and a budget cap in 2021 can even out the gaps between each team to make the grid more level.

“I think things are going to change, but the overall picture of Formula 1 will still be the same,” Sainz added.

“I am positive about what FOM has come up with, the aero regulations and the budget cap. I just wish it would be next year, because the earlier we introduce this kind of change, the better for the sport. We’ll see how it goes.”

“At the moment, FOM and F1 are very convinced about it that it will improve it, and we don’t have any other choice but to believe it and trust them.

“I think they’ve done research and done their homework, and we need to give a go to those regulations and see how it works. I think they’re going in the right way, 100 percent.

“How much will they improve? I don’t know.”

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