McLaren needs to "re-group and reset" after disappointing result in Monza

12-09-2019 09:33
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McLaren needs to re-group and reset after disappointing result in Monza

McLaren looked likely to cruise towards the 'best of the rest' title during Formula 1's summer break. But after two strong weekends from Renault, the gap between themselves and their rivals has been cut dramatically. It's clear the Woking-based team still have some work to do if they want to finish 4th. 

Team boss Andreas Seidl wants McLaren to hit the "reset" button before the Singapore Grand Prix. Renault were expected to be strong in Italy as the track characteristics suit their car and virtually removes their weaknesses. 

"It's important now as a team to go away from here, regroup, reset, analyse what happened in detail on the pitstop side, and then hopefully putting more downforce on the track we're back to where we've been before the shutdown in terms of being competitive," Seidl said as he referred to Carlos Sainz's DNF as a result of a loose wheel. 

"We still need to analyse in detail what happened. It was quite a messy tyre change at the front right corner, which then led to the wheel not being fully tight. We realised straight after we had to abort the car. Unfortunately, these things happen," Seidl told

"It's important now to go back home and analyse in detail what happened, and make a re-set and get back in Singapore to the for we had before the shutdown."

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