Vettel at risk of being excluded from a F1 race

11-09-2019 19:10 | Updated: 12-09-2019 11:49
by Tom Mason
Vettel at risk of being excluded from a F1 race

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel is now at serious risk of missing a Grand Prix in the future after the Italian Grand Prix. The German was given further penalties last weekend at Monza after trying to rejoin the track but causing danger to the other drivers.

As a result of this, the four-time world champion received a Stop & Go sanction of ten seconds and three points in the super license, to take his total up to nine in the year.

 If he picks up another three points towards this tally then he will be punished by missing the next race on the circuit.

 If he can last up to the Japanese Grand Prix without further problems then some of the points which he's already picked up, will expire.

 " Obviously I didn't see anything. When I made the top I was looking the other way and I thought there was a fairly large gap," Vettel said after the race.

 Obviously, you don't count, so I knew cars would come. But originally I thought it would be much faster to return." 

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