Alex Albon admits he was intimidated when joining Red Bull

11-09-2019 08:47
by Bobby Vincent
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Alex Albon admits he was intimidated when joining Red Bull

Alexander Albon has admitted he was initimidated when he initially joined Red Bull Racing from Toro Rosso and is still getting used to the additional media duties that come with his new job.

It was announced last month that Albon would replace the struggling Pierre Gasly at Red Bull for the remainder of the season and then the Milton Keynes-based team would decide on their final driver line-up at the end of the season.

Albon is still in his rookie season in Formula 1 after driving for half of a season with Red Bull junior squad Toro Rosso. Albon has admitted he was quite intimidated by the whole prospect of moving up to one of the top three teams but is doing his best to get used to what comes with being a Red Bull driver.

"A little bit. Yes," Albon replied when asked whether it was intimidating being a Red Bull driver on Beyond the Grid. "It’s more of a reminder of what’s happening because when I did get told I’m moving up, I was in Austria and I speak to my mum and my dad and that’s really it. That’s my group.

"I rested for the whole two weeks on the sofa at home and then I took the flight to Spa and you can imagine there was a few people I was speaking to in the summer break, but once you arrive to the track, all these cameras hit you and you kind of realise, in a weird way, when you’re at home, you’re in your own little world. It’s the other way around, when actually F1 is the kind of reality to it."

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