Pirelli say a one-stop strategy will be quickest at Italian GP!

08-09-2019 12:08
by Adam Newton
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Pirelli say a one-stop strategy will be quickest at Italian GP!

Pirelli analysts say that a one stop strategy will be the quickest at Sunday's Italian Grand Prix, but the weather may play an important role.

The Formula 2 race on Sunday morning was dry, but there is set to be some rain during the race, which could hugely alter strategy.

If it stays dry though, Pirelli say making one stop will be the best strategy for the drivers to take. They recommend changing from the soft tyres to the mediums on around lap 22 of the 53 laps of the Monza circuit.

Mario Isola, Pirelli boss, said on Saturday: “We experienced very different conditions today compared to what we saw yesterday, and the predictions are that the weather could change again tomorrow, making it a difficult weekend to manage from an engineering and tyre point of view, with the teams having to lock themselves into a dry or a wet set-up in advance.

"Whether or not the teams go for the anticipated one-stopper depends largely on the weather. In particular, if it rains, the strategy will only be decided as the race unfolds. Whatever happens, our tyre selection here should enable drivers to push to the maximum throughout each stint. Congratulations to Charles Leclerc for his second pole position in two weeks."

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