Honda explain Max Verstappen's engine failure

07-09-2019 16:57
by Louis Shaw
Honda explain Max Verstappen's engine failure

Max Verstappen never intended to run for all three qualifying sessions but had planned to get a few laps in during Q1. He was unable to do this due to an engine failure. Toyoharu Tanabe from Honda has explained what happened. 

"Max didn't get a chance to make a note of it after his wheels spin too much when driving over a curb," Tanabe said. “As a result, the engine had to deal with more revs and a Honda safety system came into effect. In addition, an FIA safety mode was added, which reduced the power."

Verstappen will gain confidence from this as it will not impact his race tomorrow. 

The Dutchman will start from the back of the grid but will hope to make up some places and finish in the top 5. 


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