Claire Williams: "We're more looking forward to Singapore than racing here"

06-09-2019 12:38
by Matt Gretton
Claire Williams: We're more looking forward to Singapore than racing here

Williams are having another season to forget. They've scored just one point so far in 2019 and they're unlikely to score more this weekend. The characteristics of the Monza circuit don't suit the Williams car and therefore Claire Williams is looking ahead to Singapore. 

"I think probably similar levels of performance that we saw in Spa when you have a lot of drag on your car, so it could be a difficult weekend for Robert Kubica and George Russell but we had good pace in Spa and we were able to fight with some teams," she said. 

"We are probably looking more forward to Singapore than going out and racing on Sunday here." 

With the 2019 season almost dead and buried for Williams, they've already started to work on their 2020 car. In an attempt to get it right next year, the team confirms that upgrades will now be focused on 2020. 

"We are pretty sure of the deficiencies. We need more downforce and less drag. We have a very clear pathway moving forward." Upgrades planned to bring in will focus on the performance "we can use for FW43 (2020)." 

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