Pierre Gasly told Charles Leclerc "please win this race for Anthoine Hubert"

01-09-2019 16:16 | Updated: 01-09-2019 16:53
by Louis Shaw
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Pierre Gasly told Charles Leclerc please win this race for Anthoine Hubert

Pierre Gasly wanted Charles Leclerc to win the Belgian Grand Prix for Anthoine Hubert. The drivers were all friends and have grown up in motorsport together and it seems fitting that it was Leclerc who won the race in tribute to Hubert. 

"You lose one your best mates, I’ve grown up [with Anthoine] since I was seven in karting, we’ve been roommates, we’ve lived in the same apartment, in the same room, for six years," Gasly said to Motorsportweek.com.

"We’ve been classmates, I’ve studied since I was 13 until 19 with him, with the same professor at a private school that the [French] federation did. I’m still shocked. I don’t realise how it can go so fast. It’s terrible."

Gasly had hoped that Leclerc would win the race in memory of their close friend. 

"I told Charles before the race please win this race for Anthoine, as we started racing in the same year, Charles, Anthoine and myself, and Anthoine won the French Cup in 2005. We raced for so many years and knew each other."

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