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Norris on how sim racing has brought him and Max Verstappen together

26 August at 09:42

Lando Norris and Max Verstappen have become good friends at and away from the track. The Brit dedicates their sim racing to this newfound friendship. 

Norris and Verstappen both do a lot of sim racing which helps them with their driving but also provides a lot of entertainment. Earlier this year the McLaren driver streamed his racing gameplay alongside Max.

Norris admitted to ESPN that the two didn't really know each other before but their sim racing has brought them together. 

"I didn't know Max very well before, but I can say that we have become much better friends through sim racing. That is, of course, cool," Norris said.

"These are small things that you will pay attention to. I then see how he works in such a simulator and he often struggles with the same things as me. You really have to drive in a specific way, as you have to learn in Formula 1, so you learn a lot from that. 

"Above all, we can just race a lot and that just makes us better."

Norris also revealed that the competitive edge remains off the real track.

"It seems to do a little more if you can beat an actual driver. I no longer want to beat him alone on the track, but also during sim racing. I think that makes both of us better drivers," he added.