Vettel recalls title winning RB7

25-08-2019 14:37
by Joseph Tyrrell
Vettel recalls title winning RB7

In 2011 Sebastian Vettel stormed to his second Formula 1 World Championship, reclaiming the title he'd won in dramatic fashion a year earlier. Vettel won that season in the RB7 and the German has been reflecting on a time when Red Bull were top dogs.

Vettel won by 122 points, beating Jenson Button in the McLaren. Despite his supremacy, Vettel admits that they were actually in a period of experiment.

"We were in a very experimental phase," Vettel told

“The first season in which the limits were really looked up, so much so that we broke the tires. You also felt it at the car: You really had to drive differently and adapt to the car to get the best out of it. In the end we managed to understand how the car worked."

Red Bull split with engine provider Renault last year and are now with Honda. Their relationship was tense towards the end but Vettel recalls a time when they were both working together.

“They had the most guts at the time. They also actively helped when the aerodynamics department set certain requirements.

“I remember that in subsequent years there was a constant attempt to imitate that effect in a different way. The great advantage was that you could gain from it. In 2011, I think we have become a lot more mature as a team. Compared to 2010, many things were a lot clearer," he added.

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