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Binotto targeting the future: We are still young as a team

Binotto targeting the future: "We are still young as a team"

25-08-2019 12:08

It has been a season to forget for Ferrari so far but Mattia Binotto has called for patience with the team being "young". They are yet to win a race this season.

Ferrari started the season with a renewed sense of optimism, under the leadership of Binotto, the arrival of Charles Leclerc and a strong showing in pre-season things looked good. However, it has been a challenging year for them with their season being plagued by reliability, team orders and a lack of speed which was evident at the Hungarian Grand Prix when they finished a minute behind the leaders.

Despite their struggles, Binotto is happy with their response when they face adversity and insists they are still a young team.

“Often I’ve said that we are still young as a team, because here people [have had] little time in the new role, and the know-how is something you build through the season, through the time, through the years," Binotto told Motorsport.com.

“So that's why I'm very happy when problems may happen and we are addressing them, obviously in the meantime you are missing opportunities of performance, but I think the car is progressing, which is showing that the team is capable of delivering."

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