Honda: "Solution to turbolag difficult because of different driving styles"

24-08-2019 18:45
by Louis Shaw
Honda: Solution to turbolag difficult because of different driving styles

Honda have had a great season so far and will have been pleasantly surprised with their results. However, the Japanese engine supplier has had some issues with turbo lag which has impacted some of their races. This is an issue both Red Bull and Toro Rosso have faced. However, chief engineer Masamitsu Motohashi believes that driving style could be the reason for this. 

“Your driving style is very important," Masamitsu Motohashi said to the Japanese Autosport. "Daniil is accelerating much faster, making it more difficult to adjust his car properly. 

“In principle, we have four different drivers. It is, therefore, a very complex and flexible point. I think it is an important role for us to be alert to that.”

Honda are yet to determine which driver uses the pedals best but they will hope to find the most successful setup. 

“I learned a lot during the German GP. We started to improve immediately before the GP in Hungary. We still have some things to solve in terms of chassis and power source, but that will be fine. We still expect good updates.”

Honda will hope that the turbo lag issues are resolved and that they can continue to develop after the summer break. 


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