'Drive to Survive' set to help US GP attendance set new record!

24-08-2019 15:06
by Adam Newton
'Drive to Survive' set to help US GP attendance set new record!

The boss of the Circuit of the Americas, the host of the United States Grand Prix, has claimed that the hit Netflix series 'Drive to Survive' has helped spread the sport to new audiences, enabling the circuit to sell tickets for the Grand Prix in Texas at a much quicker rate than before.

The series, which has been renewed for a second year, focussed on the inside world of Formula One, looking at the men behind the show, telling the story of the 2018 season.

COTA boss Bobby Epstein told ESPN: "We are on track to have the biggest attendance of any race so far, the reserved seats already sold out in July.

"We are thinking of where we can build new grandstands to accommodate more fans. We have established a good history, made it a tradition to come and race here.

"Looking beyond that, the Netflix series has been the biggest boost for U.S. fans we have had in terms of ticket sales.

"All our surveys on new customers suggest it's had a huge impact and a big benefit to F1.

"It really was a stroke of genius to get that put on. It's why we broadened what was offered on a weekend, in order to bring different people to the event, but the Netflix series has reached people we might never have reached otherwise."

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