Seidl doesn't want to take the praise yet: "Those two really deserve the credit"

23-08-2019 09:28
by Matt Gretton
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Seidl doesn't want to take the praise yet: Those two really deserve the credit

Andreas Seidl's arrival at McLaren has been greeted with a steep incline in results for Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris. The British Formula 1 team are now comfortable at the top of the midfield going into the second half of the season. 

However, Seidl isn't taking any praise just yet because he wants the credit to fall to those who bridged the gap. Pat Fry and Andrea Stella. 

"We must not forget that they played an essential role in the design process of the new car. You have to understand the problems before you can move forward. Pat and Andrea provided leadership and guidance during the transition period and we are very grateful to them for that," Seidl tells Motorsport.

Andrea Stella will be active as a racing engineer at McLaren for the foreseeable future after partnering with Fernando Alonso. Pat Fry is about to leave, and will most likely join Williams after a mandatory rest period.

Upon his appointment, Seidl was given full freedom by Zak Brown to fill in the management and he has now succeeded.

"Of course you need the time, but with James Key as technical director, Piers Thynne as operations director, Andrea as performance director on the circuits and then Paul James as team manager, it is now the way I want it. That was an important step and now we can work and develop forward from our vision," Seidl concludes.


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