Haas admit they may not be able to continue beyond 2021

22-08-2019 17:46 | Updated: 23-08-2019 12:01
by Tom Mason
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Haas admit they may not be able to continue beyond 2021

Haas have largely struggled so far this season and the owner Gene Haas has admitted that the car won't be on the gird in 2021.

A large reason for this is because they can't continue to run the way they are if the winnings are not coming.

Remaining in F1 isn't cheap whatsoever, particularly in the case of Haas, who will need results to stay in the sport in the long term.

They made their debut in 2016 and had worked themselves towards a mid-tier team, but in 2019 they have struggled a lot.

They're currently 9th out of the ten teams, picking up just 26 points to date.

The Haas owner has displayed that it will be tough for them to remain a team unless the results improve.

" If it becomes too heavy a load, then we just have to cease to exist, Haas explained to Autosport.com.

 The concern about 2021 is that it doesn't matter what they can think of. How much will it cost us? Every time they make a change, their implementation costs 20, 30 or 40 million dollars. They keep saying they want to save money and, despite they seem very interested in making changes.

'We are going to introduce refuelling again, let's make it more interesting".

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