FIA and F1's next steps - Trying to break rules

22-08-2019 16:25
by Tom Mason
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FIA and F1's next steps - Trying to  break rules

The testing of the wind tunnels has so far proved positive, with the results showing that in 2021 cars should be able to follow each other closely.

The FIA and Formula 1’s Motorsports team are looking to find a way to make the cars closer, which will, in turn, help the chances of overtaking.

The teams will be looking to better their performances, to make the car faster, however, this could impact the wake, undoing work which has already been done by the FIA.

 F1’s Chief Technical Officer Pat Symonds and the FIA’s head of Single Seater Technical Matters Nikolas Tombazis have looked into breaking rules within their teams.

“We are trying to see where the rules we have written are robust and where they might be a little weak,” says Symonds. “I’m sure ultimately the wake characteristics of a fully developed 2021 car are not going to be quite as good as we have got running at the moment, but I think they will still be very good, and it will be massively better than 2019, or 2020 car. I’m absolutely certain of that.

“There are certain areas we know already where you can add performance but in doing so you damage the wake, so we have been quite prescriptive in those areas because we’ve been trying to break the rules. There are other areas where we feel the design is robust so we’ve been less prescriptive in those areas.

With what has already been shown in the tunnel wind video, it's very similar to what you can expect to see the cars in 2021 look like, in particular, the front wing".

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