Formula 1 teams “as involved as they want to be" with 2021 regulations

22-08-2019 14:20
by Bevan Youl
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Formula 1 teams “as involved as they want to be with 2021 regulations

Formula 1 chief technical officer Pat Symonds has said that all teams are “as involved as they want to be” with assistance in gathering data for the 2021 regulations but that not all teams have been able to.

F1 and the FIA have been working together in order to finalise the regulations coming into place in 2021 by the October deadline, having revealed first images of a model of the car tested at Sauber’s wind tunnel earlier today.
But Symonds has revealed that F1 teams have been allowed to run their own tests in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) environments outside of times allocated to current projects, which those that have the resource and capability have done.
Symonds said on F1’s official website: “The teams have been very good, the teams that have had the resources to do it, have worked on a number of projects for us, and they are all fully informed of what is going on.
“We have meetings every few months, we send our geometry to them, they then run that in their own CFD environments and they feedback results to us.
“They have been as involved as they want to be. Some can’t put the resources in.”
The information gathered from teams that have been involved is shared for the rest of the field to see up until the cut-off point, from which they will work independently.
“All teams results are shared until we get to the cut-off point, where from that point on they have to operate within their declared rules," Symonds added.

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