Russell on hate from Polish fans: "I did not do anything to earn such abuse"

19-08-2019 11:34 | Updated: 19-08-2019 11:52
by Joseph Tyrrell
Russell on hate from Polish fans: I did not do anything to earn such abuse

George Russell has admitted he would like to get a bit more respect from the Robert Kubica fans that have been giving him grief on social network sites.

Russell teamed up with Kubica at Williams for the 2019 season and so far the Brit has impressed despite being behind Kubica in the Drivers' Championship. Russell has out-qualified his teammate and beaten him during most races this season but Kubica finished tenth at the German Grand Prix to give him one point, enough to leave Russell bottom of the Drivers' Championship.

Kubica has a loyal following of Polish fans who aren't too keen on Russell's success. Russell has admitted he doesn't receive reactions from fans outside of Poland and hopes one day to have supportive fans at his side.

It's important to me what the Williams people think of me and what Mercedes thinks of me. But it would be nice to get a little more respect from the outside," Russell said to Autosport.

"I did not do anything to earn such abuse. And outside of Poland, there are no such violent reactions. I can only hope that someday I will have fans who passionately rush to my side."

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