Helmut Marko explains why Red Bull opted for Alex Albon over Daniil Kvyat

18-08-2019 16:42
by Matt Gretton
Helmut Marko explains why Red Bull opted for Alex Albon over Daniil Kvyat

Once again, Red Bull tops the headlines during Formula 1's annual summer break. Last year it was Daniel Ricciardo's shock move away from the team, while this year they've swapped Pierre Gasly for Alex Albon. Helmut Marko explains why the team have opted for Albon rather than Daniil Kvyat

Albon has just 12 Formula 1 starts to his name compared to Kvyat's 84 which includes podium results. Albon comes in replacing another inexperienced driver in Gasly who couldn't perform well enough. Can Albon live up to it in the pressure cooker alongside Max Verstappen

"I am optimistic that Albon is at the right level. Frankly, it came somewhat unexpectedly that he would perform well in his first year. In addition, he makes convincing strides with every race," Marko told Japanese Autosport Web. 

“Since Alex's contract only covers the last nine races and nothing has been decided yet about who will be Max's teammate next year; Alex could race and grow without feeling extra pressure."

When discussing why Albon was chosen over Kvyat, Marko was pretty straight and blunt in his answers. Remember that Kvayt was dropped by Red Bull during the 2016 Formula 1 season. 

"I think Albon is better. We know the speed of Kvyat, we can say that he has become a more complete driver. However, based on all factors, we chose Alex," says Marko.


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