Kevin Magnussen reveals what he's up to this summer

18-08-2019 13:26
by Louis Shaw
Kevin Magnussen reveals what he's up to this summer

Kevin Magnussen is enjoying the summer break and getting away from the hectic life as a Formula 1 driver. The Danish racer has revealed what he is up to and certain things that he definitely won't be doing. 

Formula 1 drivers often don't drive on the road but Magnussen still has a nice classic car in his collection. 

"In London, where I currently live, I do not have a car," he said to AutoMotorUndSport. "In the traffic, there is simply not useful. In Denmark I have an old Porsche 911 Turbo 930 series, which was built in 1978. That's a really cool car."

When the Haas driver is back home he likes to take up a different sport which helps him escape the circus of Formula 1. 

"I like to sail," he said. "I have my own sailboat in Denmark. I love to go out to sea and let the wind blow me."

Many of Formula 1's youngsters have taken part in virtual racing but this is something that Magnussen doesn't enjoy.

"That's not for me," he said. "I have never been interested in computers. At McLaren and also at Haas I could learn a lot in the simulator. But I do not drive virtual races. That's boring. There are better things to do."

Magnussen will hope to come back after the summer break refreshed from the sea air and ready to take the battle to the midfield teams. 

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