Nico Hulkenberg calls for Renault to answer "serious questions" after poor results

17-08-2019 15:35
by Louis Shaw
Nico Hulkenberg calls for Renault to answer serious questions after poor results

There is no hiding the fact that Renault have had an extremely disappointing season. Nico Hulkenberg has asked his team to ask themselves how they've let this happen and will be hoping that the second half of the season is more of a success. 

“It’s obviously quite below our expectations and the targets," Hulkenberg said to the official F1 website. 

“I think we need to ask ourselves some serious questions and review a couple of things internally. There’s been far more lows than highs unfortunately and not really satisfying.”

When asked exactly what the "serious questions" were Hulkenberg replied by saying, “Just how we go about things and where we’ve come the last 18 months with the car, what we’ve been doing.

“And the effect it has, which is not that much of an effect, so we need to ask ourselves in the future so updates will bring some yield and bring us forward.”

Renault will not have been expecting to be in this position and will need to significantly change their structures if they are to succeed this year. 

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