Lance Stroll impressed by midfield battles: "Much less predictable than in 2017"

17-08-2019 13:56
by Louis Shaw
Lance Stroll impressed by midfield battles: Much less predictable than in 2017

Mercedes have dominated Formula 1 for a number of years now but the sport's midfield is as tight and as competitive as ever. Lance Stroll believes that the racing is closer than ever before and that in the past you could predict which teams would score points. Now, pretty much every team at every Grand Prix has a chance and this is what is keeping the sport alive. 

"Previously you knew exactly who would score points and who would not," Stroll said. 

“Every year is now unique. If you compare the Formula 1 of today with that of two years ago, you will see much more fights in midfield than back then. At the time I entered the sport (2017), the differences between the teams were much greater. Prior to a weekend, we knew roughly where we would stand compared to the competition. Still: during certain race weekends you almost had the guarantee that you would grab points."

Stroll believes that the fact the racing is closer now is good for the sport and important for the fans.  

“The 2019 grid is much closer to each other and the teams are much more closely matched. I think that is only good for Formula 1."

The midfield battle this season has been great and fingers crossed it won't be long until we see the top of the grid as close as the midfield is now. 


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