Lewis Hamilton reveals what he's up to during the summer break

14-08-2019 15:30
by Louis Shaw
Lewis Hamilton reveals what he's up to during the summer break

Lewis Hamilton has driven like the World Champion he is so far this season but has revealed that he needs the summer break to recover from the illness that "wiped" him out just before Germany. The Mercedes driver will be taking the time to relax and try and regain his strength for the second half of the season. 

"In the past, I went into the break 100% fit," said Hamilton to BBC Sport"I am not in that place at the moment. I have been fit all year but I have to make sure I get my energy back."

"I am not the fittest I've been. I have been coming out of the sickness. It was not 'man flu', like some have said, it was something that really wiped me out.

"This break, I am really focused on recovery, real recovery, a bit of a change in my normal break, and really just trying to make sure I come back [as strong as possible]."

"I will spend a lot of time with family," he said. "I am a night owl, and I tend not to sleep that much, and I want to shift that and see the sunrise, wherever I am.

"And I might try meditation, a few different things, a healthier lifestyle. My close friends will be doing the same, so I will be doing a lot more reading. I'm excited about it."

Hamilton will hope to refresh and come back as strong as ever as he continues to prove to the world that he is the fastest driver on the grid. 

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