Cyril Abiteboul's unique opinion on how to improve Formula 1

14-08-2019 15:11 | Updated: 14-08-2019 15:29
by Louis Shaw
Cyril Abiteboul's unique opinion on how to improve Formula 1

Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul has called for Formula 1 to make more changes to Formula 1 tracks instead of changing the cars every year. The Frenchman believes that the cars change too much each year and that the sport is far too technical. 

"One thing I think we need to do a bit more is engineer the tracks," Abiteboul told Autosport."I would prefer a bit less over-engineering of the technical regulations, and a bit more engineering of the track layout, rather than investing into 20 cars that should be different every year.

"I would maybe change one or two corners, at each track. It would be much more cost-efficient, and much better for the sport.

"I know that they have put a lot of engineering effort into Vietnam. But it's something where we could all collectively think 'what would be good for F1?'"

Abiteboul is certain that the sport would improve if more focus was put into improving the tracks. 

"If 10 teams were to collaborate on improving tracks I'm sure we could come up with some fantastic results, and we don't need to wait for 2021 for that. That would be next year already."

This approach is different to anything that has been said before and could actually be something which improves the sport. 


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