Summer break grades: How have Ferrari done so far?

13-08-2019 19:17 | Updated: 13-08-2019 19:36
by Louis Shaw
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Summer break grades: How have Ferrari done so far?

The Summer break provides us with the opportunity to reflect on how the teams have performed so far this season. So far it's fair to say Ferrari have not impressed. They have been unlucky on a few occasions and have also made some questionable decisions. They will not have performed how they would have wanted and will hope to turn things around after the break. 

Ferrari 6/10 

When you think of Formula 1 one of the teams you associate the sport with is Ferrari. However, this season has been different. Yet to win a race in 2019, Ferrari will be ashamed of their performances. They have had their share of bad luck, with Charles Leclerc's issues in Bahrain and Sebastian Vettel's penalty in Canada but overall they have failed to achieve the results that their car could give them. 

During winter testing all the talk was about Ferrari and how well they were going to do this season. They will hope to sort themselves out and come backfiring after the summer. 

Sebastian Vettel 5/10 

Sebastian Vettel has not driven like the four-time world champion that he is. He has struggled this season and keeping Charles Leclerc behind him is something that he has been unable to do. The German has cracked under pressure a few times this season but after a strong result in Germany and finishing on the podium in Hungary, he will hope that he is on the rise again and that he can take the challenge to Mercedes in the second half of the season. 

Charles Leclerc 7/10

Charles Leclerc has proven himself as one of the fastest drivers on the grid but has also had moments which remind us on the relative rookie he is. Only in his second season of Formula 1, Leclerc has found himself starting on pole position and pushing on occasion for race wins. His crash in the rain in Germany would have annoyed him and it is moments like this that have stopped his score from increasing. He is set to have an electric end of the season. 

Do you agree with my grades? Let us know your scores in the comments. 


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