Sergio Perez against big rule changes in 2021: "It will only favour big teams"

13-08-2019 17:27
by Louis Shaw
Sergio Perez against big rule changes in 2021: It will only favour big teams

Sergio Perez is against the idea of reintroducing refueling to Formula 1. It has been rumored that it could be part of the 2021 rule changes which are set to completely transform the sport. However,not everyone is for it. The SportPesa Racing Point driver believes that radically changing the sport will only favor the bigger teams. 

"I've never experienced refueling before so to be honest, I don't have a big argument to put it into [F1]," Perez was quoted by

"But the more we change, the more advantage that we give to the bigger teams to create the gap that we are all worried about. We will see what we are able to bring as a sport for 2021.

"That [refueling] will be a good thing for the race, but I think if you have this spread in the field, will it change anything? I don't think so."

It will be interesting to see if Formula 1 will go back to refueling. Many believe that it could add extra competition to the sport but as with everything, the top teams could also become more effective at it and could increase the gap between the midfield and the top teams.  


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