Sebastian Vettel: 2021 regulations shouldn’t change “for the sake of changing”

12-08-2019 14:18
by Bevan Youl
Sebastian Vettel: 2021 regulations shouldn’t change “for the sake of changing”

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel has said that Formula 1 shouldn’t use the recent ‘crazy’ races as a guideline for 2021 and that there can’t be changes “for the sake of changing”.

The past four races have brought a lot of entertainment to F1 fans around the world after the dramatic finish to the end of the Austrian Grand Prix between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc, the on track battles at Silverstone, a chaotic mixed weather race in Germany and a tense closing stages as Lewis Hamilton caught Verstappen in Hungary.
But before that there was the French Grand Prix, which had summed up the issues F1 has suffered from the past few years, with the top cars way out in front.
Vettel has urged for the rule-makers not to find solutions from the recent entertaining races, but to look at bringing the cars closer together in “normal races’.
The German said (quoted by MotorsportWeek): "Wet races always create chaos and chaos is something that can be very entertaining, we know that and we’ve seen it many times.
"I think the job to do is make sure we string the field together more in dry conditions, when we have normal races, in order to put on a better sport and for us to be able to race each other harder and longer throughout the race.
"That’s the objective for the future.
"I think there’s key elements contributing to that and that’s what we should focus on and everything else, I don’t think we need to change everything upside down just for the sake of changing.
“The DNA of the sport is great, it’s the same DNA as 50 years ago.”


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