Time penalty for unsafe release will apply even if no advantage is gained

10-08-2019 12:11
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Time penalty for unsafe release will apply even if no advantage is gained

Michael Masi has confirmed changes to the unsafe release penalty system. During the German Grand Prix, the Ferrari crew let Charles Leclerc depart the pit box as Romain Grosjean was driving by. The two had a mini tangle and Ferrari picked up a fine.  

This punishment was received with criticism as teams such as Ferrari won't be that bothered by a cash fine, whereas time in a race would be more troublesome to them. The penalty might not be strong enough and therefore teams might be more willing to 'risk' it. This adds danger to those walking around the pit area.

Masi, the Formula 1 race director, decided that something needed to change so that teams will get a heavier punishment. 

“At Thursday’s team managers meeting we had quite a good discussion and it was agreed that from this weekend effectively, forget about what’s happened in the first part of the year, and during a race, if there is an adjudged unsafe release then it will be a time penalty. Regardless if there is or is not a sporting advantage," Masi is quoted by RaceFans

"So there will be no differentiation and all the teams are quite happy to effectively start from this weekend onwards. All the teams and all team principals were made aware of exactly the same thing."

SportPesa Racing Point boss Otmar Szafnauer agrees with the new punishment because it will make those involved make safer decisions.

“I think it deserves a proper sporting penalty because the risks are big and what you don’t want is teams making a financial decision based on a safety risk," Szafnauer said. 


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