Horner: "We need him to be racing Mercedes and Ferrari"

05-08-2019 12:04
by Adam Newton
Horner: We need him to be racing Mercedes and Ferrari

Pierre Gasly's tough start to his Red Bull career has made many headlines and sparked many rumours in recent weeks, and his team boss Christian Horner has reiterated how the team need him to be more competitive.

Gasly is still yet to score a podium finish this season and has been totally outperformed by teammate Max Verstappen, who has scored almost three times as many points, along with scoring five podium finishes.

Perhaps more worryingly, McLaren's Carlos Sainz has closed in and is just five points behind, and Horner says that Gasly should be good enough to not be fighting the likes of Sainz and other midfield runners.

Horner said after the race: "It's been been a frustrating weekend for Pierre. The start wasn't great, the first lap wasn't great and we shouldn't be racing Saubers [Alfa Romeos] and McLarens. We need him to be racing Ferraris and Mercedes.

"Everything we can do to try and help him achieve that is what we'll do.

"It is vital for us, if we're to stand any chance of catching Ferrari, that we have him finishing further ahead."

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