ExxonMobil searching for similar Red Bull progress as 2018

31-07-2019 19:12
by Joseph Tyrrell
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ExxonMobil searching for similar Red Bull progress as 2018

Dario Izzo, the technical adviser at ExxonMobil has revealed they are targeting similar levels of progress that they made when they introduced new fuel for Red Bull at last season's Hungarian Grand Prix.

Red Bull and Honda are in great form at the moment with Max Verstappen winning two of the last three races and Daniil Kvyat also on the podium for Toro Rosso. Dario Izzo insisted the team are continuing to work on new mixtures and gave an insight into the process behind it.

"The development continues throughout the season," Izzo told Motorsport.com.

“We are continuously working on improving our fuel and engine oil. This development takes place in our laboratory in Clinton, New Jersey. We then send samples to the Honda plant in Japan, where they are tried on the test bench."

Last season they provided them with an upgrade for the Hungarian Grand Prix and Izzo revealed the team would be satisfied with similar progress to what they made in 2018.

"Last year we introduced a new mixture around the Hungarian Grand Prix that the team is estimated to give a tenth to a half tenths of a second time savings," Izzo added.

"We would be satisfied if we could find again between one tenth and one and a half tenth before the end of this season."

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