Lewis Hamilton says there's "nothing personal" between Valtteri Bottas

22-07-2019 10:53
by Louis Shaw
Lewis Hamilton says there's nothing personal between Valtteri Bottas

Lewis Hamilton has insisted that there is nothing personal between himself and teammate Valtteri Bottas. The two raced wheel to wheel once again at the British Grand Prix and will be set to be at it again this weekend. At this stage in the season, it looks likely that the Finn is the only driver likely to challenge Hamilton to the World Title. 

"Ultimately, there’s nothing personal between us,” he told Racer.com about his battle with Bottas.

“Coming to the weekend, you are trying to apply the pressure and come out on top.

“I didn’t come to (Silverstone) with the idea that I need to extend or anything like that.

“I need to work my way towards trying to win, how do I do that, and every weekend it’s slightly different but this has been the strongest year — to this point — that I can remember ever having.”

Hamilton has been dominant so far this season and he puts this down to his comfort in the car. 

“My trust in the car is incredibly high and I know what the car is able to do, so I guess the experience of last year has made me a bit more confident to push a bit more."

Hamilton will be hoping to get yet another race win at the German Grand Prix. 

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