Haas on refuelling: "It’s definitely something drivers want to push forward"

22-07-2019 10:46 | Updated: 22-07-2019 10:48
by Louis Shaw
Haas on refuelling: It’s definitely something drivers want to push forward

There is still a large amount of speculation surrounding the 2021 rule changes and one rule that Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen wants to see reintroduced is refueling. The Haas drivers believe that it will lead to more competitive racing with midfield teams given more opportunity to score a surprise podium finish. 

“I am for refueling," Grosjean said. "I think it’s a positive to get the car faster and lighter. It makes it more demanding on the drivers. I believe also it could open some strategy. Driving a heavy car is not amazing. If we have lighter cars due to refueling, it’ll be better and also easier on the tires.

“There’s a wish from all the drivers to see better racing and more racing, not just a couple of teams dominating the whole field. That’s something I can share. It’s quite obvious. It’s definitely something drivers want to push forward.”

Grosjean's teammate Kevin Magnussen would also like to see refuelling introduced to try and improve the speed of Formula 1. 

“I think refueling would be very good," Magnussen said. "I think it would have some positive effect on tires. It would make the racing closer between cars. It would be more fun for the drivers and more challenging in the races because the cars would be faster with the lighter fuel load.”

It will be interesting to see if Formula 1 goes down the route on refuelling. A lot of drivers seem to support the idea and it could lead to more competitive racing. 

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