Red Bull hope to fix Turbo-Lag in time for the German Grand Prix

22-07-2019 09:44
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Red Bull hope to fix Turbo-Lag in time for the German Grand Prix

Honda and Red Bull are looking into the turbo lag issue that Max Verstappen had during the British Grand Prix and are hoping to find a solution before the German Grand Prix this weekend. The Dutch racer described a lag when he pressed the accelerator at Silverstone but was still able to complete the race.  

“I think it was just the speed at which Max is applying the throttle,” Team Principal Christian Horner said.

It is thought that the car had such a strong set up that Verstappen was able to push the car harder than the engine could keep up with. 

"It is type of thing that can be tidied up on the dyno," he told "I believe it is a Honda thing, but they seem to be quite confident about it."

Honda sat down with Verstappen to try and determine what was going wrong. 

"We had a discussion with Max - which RPM, where in the throttle, how did he apply it, and when did he feel lag," said Honda F1 technical director Toyoharu Tanabe. "Then we looked at the exact place.

“It’s a different type of issue. Our understanding is that it is a big issue."

The team will hope that the issue is fixed in time for this weekend so that both drivers can push the car to the absolute limit and that they can get a double points finish. 

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