Zandvoort designer says Dutch GP can produce exciting racing

19-07-2019 08:42
by Adam Newton
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Zandvoort designer says Dutch GP can produce exciting racing

The designer in charge of making changes to the Zandvoort track to make it more F1-friendly says that the track has "a lot of potential" to produce a good spectacle when it returns to the calendar next season.

Earlier this year it was announced that F1 would return to Zandvoort and the Netherlands for the first time since 1985.

The announcement was met with mixed reaction, with plenty of people happy to see Max Verstappen get a home race, but others disappointed because of the overtaking difficulty at the track.

But Jarno Zaffelli, head of Dromo, the company working on the track believes people will be shocked.

According to, he said: “Zandvoort has a great layout and a great location. I see a lot of potential.

“I think many people will be surprised. The starting point is to activate the layout as well as Silverstone as much as possible.

“The main goal is to keep the classic circuit. I’m not going to destroy the heritage of Zandvoort." 

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