Leclerc ‘a little bit sore still’ says Verstappen

17-07-2019 17:35 | Updated: 17-07-2019 17:45
by Bevan Youl
Leclerc ‘a little bit sore still’ says Verstappen

Max Verstappen has said that Charles Leclerc could have been ‘a little bit sore still’ from losing out on a race win in Austria as both drivers battled it out at Silverstone.

Back in Austria Verstappen made a bold overtake on Leclerc near the end of the race, causing the Ferrari driver to go off track, claiming Red Bull’s first win of this season.
Leclerc replied at the British Grand Prix with some aggressive defending and overtakes on Verstappen before a safety car gave the Dutchman the edge.
Verstappen didn’t have any issues with the manoeuvres from Leclerc but suggested that he may be ‘sore’ about what happened in Austria
The Dutchman said (quoted by GPFans): "I think he was a little bit sore still from Austria so he was defending really hard, but it's fine, I'm all for that.

"I didn't want to take too much risk in those battles to damage the car, because I knew we were quite a bit faster. 

"They had just enough top speed to stay in front of us, and at these moments my battery was not charged enough. So you just have to wait for the right moment.

"I just needed to pick my moment, but then luckily the team did it for me with a good strategy, and then it was all looking good of course for a good result."

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