Brundle: "This was much better than waiting three hours for a decision..."

16-07-2019 18:57
by Matt Gretton
Brundle: This was much better than waiting three hours for a decision...

Martin Brundle was pleased the British Grand Prix wasn't affected by a long wait for a stewards decision. Last time out in Austria, Max Verstappen's race win confirmation was delayed for around three hours. After plenty of on-track battles in Britain, the drivers seemed to have more freedom. 

"I don't know about you, but I find that a whole lot more exciting to watch and talk about than a Stewards' enquiry three hours after the race. We have great gladiators who we have chained to a rule book such that they are scared to 'have a go' in the certain knowledge of instant penalties," Brundle said in his Sky Sports column. 

"Austria and Silverstone feel so right. Unfortunately, what's going to happen now is the drivers will start taking liberties with track limits and barging, because that's how they are hard-wired and in the heat of the moment they will not think rationally, and the Stewards will have to pull them back a little."

Brundle was fearful of a Charles Leclerc victory putting off fans around the world after what had happened the week before in Canada

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