Italian Media react to Sebastian Vettel's British Grand Prix disaster

16-07-2019 09:17
by Louis Shaw
Italian Media react to Sebastian Vettel's British Grand Prix disaster

The Italian Media have reportedly "lost faith" in Sebastian Vettel after the Germans poor performance a the British Grand Prix. Vettel crashed into the rear of Max Verstappen and had to pit, meaning that he finished the race in 16th position. Ferrari teammate, Charles Leclerc, once again proved himself the better driver by finishing on the podium.  

The Italian Media are incredibly passionate and are often very critical if the team's drivers don't perform. 

"Ferrari has a new leader," said the authoritative La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Leclerc is combative and energetic and has finally captured the heart of the Ferrari fans," it added, describing Vettel as "again disastrous" last Sunday.

"Vettel has shown that he is not the driver that Ferrari wants. It is now clear that something is no longer working."

Another Italian Media outlet believes that Vettel's time at the top is over. 

"Vettel loses his head once again, while the youngster Leclerc is gaining all the time in prestige," Corriere della Sera declared. 

"Maranello, we have a problem. Almost like an older brother, Binotto defends Vettel but the driver's crisis seems to be endless," La Stampa said.

The Italian Media are very influential and Vettel will need to perform if he is to squash the talk of him retiring at the end of the season. 

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